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March 2017 Issue

Designed by God


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March 2017 Issue

Designed by God

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“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is one of the best-known poems in American literature, easily found in any good poetry anthology. Journalist and literary critic David Orr has written a book, The Road Not Taken: Finding America in the Poem Everyone Loves and Almost Everyone Gets Wrong. Orr highlights the importance of understanding Frost’s intricate and nuanced design of the poem. The poem first directs the reader’s attention to the “grassy” road—but the tricky word here is Not in the title. The genius of this poem’s design makes us look deeper, delight in the subtleties of our choices, and reflect on things not seen and roads not taken. 

This month in Today in the Word we’ll learn about the importance of understanding God’s divine design for our lives. We’ll see that He created us to choose, to question, to produce, to help one another, to relish life, to work, and to rest. We’ll also see that He intricately designed us to experience a range of emotions: delight, joy, grief, loneliness, love. As we discover who we are in the Lord, we’ll come to know better our wonderful Creator and His love for us. 

Thank you for studying the Bible with Today in the Word! We hope your time in God’s Word this month will encourage you. We pray that you will see more clearly His divine purpose and His love for you and follow Him on all your life’s paths.

Volume 30 Issue 3

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